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Fire Builders Membership is not for the uncommitted or wishy-washy! We are an incredibly effective accountability program that will help people just like you reach their fullest potential.

Here you can answer a few short questions and find out more information. We will review your application and instantly be able to tell if you'll be a great fit!
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Have you participated in Fire Builders before?

How committed are you to achieving at least ONE big goal this month? *

What seems to motivate you more... *

The Fire Builders system works in 30-day "sprints."

Do you have something important you want to achieve in the next 30 days? *

Fantastic. The most successful members of our program got ahead because they knew where they were going.

What is it you would like to do? *

That's okay. Maybe you just need a bit of inspiration. Here are some of the 30-day goals of past members.

Maybe they will spark an idea for you.

"Finish 4 video modules and 2 cases and exercise 3-4 x per week"

"To research and revamp my website so I can grow my email list with the end result of getting more clients"

"$3500 in revenue"

"Complete the edit on my memoir and write one section of the pitch."

Do you consider yourself someone who leads by example? *

As we go through the program, you'll have good days and bad days. It's easy to get discouraged on the bad days.

How easily discouraged are you when you experience setbacks? *

What's your first name? *

Ok great {{answer_th2binOlV7ep}}. Your answers have been sent in and are processing. This should only take a moment.

While you wait, let me explain the two ways you can participate if accepted.

Awesome! Welcome back! Let's talk about how you can participate this time around...

Fire Builders has two participation plans.  Go ahead and click on one, and I'll explain what it's all about.  (and don't worry, you're not committing to anything!) *

And you'll always have the chance to go back and find out about the other plan if you want.

In the collateral - reward system, you pay an initial fee of $300.

Throughout the 30 days, we will encourage you in various ways to hit a small goal that you choose everyday.

Each day you succeed, we will return $10.

If you hit all your goals, you will have all $300 returned and you pay ZERO.

With us so far? :) *

But, when you DON'T complete the daily task (which you have chosen), there's a consequence.

You will LOSE $10 of your original $300.

At the end of the program, whatever you've earned back over 30 days will be returned to you.

Sound good? *

With our $97 per month plan, you simply pay once and get 30 days of personalized accountability. 

Looks like you're someone who likes things easy and straight forward! High five!

And great news! Your results have come back, {{answer_th2binOlV7ep}}...

Congratulations, you've been accepted! We think you would be a great addition to Fire Builders!

...Now that you're in, let's get your payment set up and begin!

At Fire Builders, we take privacy and online payment security VERY seriously. This payment will be through a secure TLS connection.
First, you found out about the ${{var_score}} plan. Is this the plan you'd like, {{answer_th2binOlV7ep}}?

Fire Builders has two participation plans to choose from.

#1) A one-time participation fee for the month. This costs $97 and is charged before you start.

#2) Or our signature 'Win-as-you-Go' plan, where the initial fee is $300. Each day you successfully complete the task of your choice, you'll win back a portion of that $300. Each day you don't?  You will lose that portion of your $300.

The best part of plan 2?  Hit your goals, earn back your money, and this plan could potentially cost you ZERO dollars for the month!

Which participation plan 
would you like to chose this time around? *

Perfect. Let's get your payment securely processed for the {{var_price}} plan.. *

At Fire Builders, we take privacy and online payment security VERY seriously. This payment will be through a secure TLS connection.
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Good news! Everything went through just fine.

Welcome to Fire Builders, {{answer_th2binOlV7ep}}.

We just need a few more pieces of information to get started.

What is the best number to send you the occasional text reminder? *

Ok, you're in! - We're excited!!

Here's what to do next.

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